Pro Saddle Selector


Identifying your riding style

The first step in choosing your perfect saddle is identifying your riding style. Road riders rely on low weight saddles that fully interact with their movement. MTB riders are more demanding in strength and durability to overcome rough trails. The downhill discipline is characterized by short, super fast descents under extreme conditions. Downhill riders almost never sit on the saddle so they demand a stronger and smaller yet super stiff saddle.

Your flexibility

Your flexibility determines largely which saddle shape is best for you, based on your movement on the saddle.

The ‘Less Flexible’ tends to shift around more. Therefore needs a more curved saddle to maintain an efficient riding position. The ‘Very Flexible’ rider has a natural, more stable position. Therefore benefiting from the freedom of movement of a flat saddle. The ‘Flexible’ rider falls between these two extremes. These riders find comfort in an almost flat saddle with a gentle curve.

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