The purpose of CatEye's existence never changes, even when the era changes

The purpose of CatEye’s existence never changes, even when the era changes

At CatEye, our corporate philosophy is to contribute to society by creating new value for safety, health, and the environment. Since our founding some 60 years ago, we have maintained this philosophy while working as a development-oriented manufacturer in the field of recursive reflectors, lights, computers for cycle sports, and traffic equipments. We have brought to market a range of products in our effort to add new value by combining production technologies nurtured over the years with stateof-the-art optical molding and electronics technologies. Inspired by the requests and expectations of our customers, we have established a precise customer support system for each region by developing a global sales network early in our history. This network has allowed us to provide more people with more enjoyment through our products. These efforts have earned CatEye the trust and high expectations of customers around the world, which has in turn allowed us to continue growing.

CatEye’s Core Technology


Since they were first introduced, CatEye cyclocomputers have been enthusiastically received by customers around the world, earning a reputation for advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces. Based on the concept of easy-to-use, easy-to-read interfaces, CatEye has designed and developed a full range of cyclocomputers with functions that meet the needs of both professional athletes and recreational cyclists.
By applying electronics technology throughout its line of cyclocomputers, CatEye created a new communication tool in 2011 capable of recording and sharing photos, videos, and trip routes using a combination of the hardware, a PC application, and sharing website. We established an effective system that lets you use a trip recorder with builtin camera and GPS to share ride data on a Google Map incorporated into the website.
In 2014, CatEye announced a cyclocomputer that employs state-of-the-art technologies to link with smartphones. By simultaneously providing a smartphone app that links with the cyclocomputer, and thanks to the increasing popularity of smartphones, CatEye has reaffirmed its willingness to seek out and overcome new challenges.


Cat’s-eye reflectors, from which the company derives its name, represent our core technology. Our reflectors are compact yet boast world-class reflective performance, all the while complying with the standards of countries around the world. At CatEye, we apply our optical technology to our headlights, safety lights, and tail lights. As light sources–particularly those for headlights–switching from bulbs to LEDs has allowed us to ensure greater durability and more efficient performance. We have developed a range of new technology that utilizes the full illumination potential of white LEDs, including the OptiCube™ and Reverse Offset Lens. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for even brighter lights, which has led to increased battery power consumption. To improve the usability of our products and help protect the environment, CatEye is committed to increasing our range of environmentally friendly, rechargeable battery-powered products that can be used repeatedly. From safety lights for urban riding to high-power rechargeable lights for off-road night rides, CatEye produces a wide range of products to meet a variety of needs.

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